White Deer: Madstones and Hydrophobia

Until the early 20th century, the fear of meeting a horrific and painful end accompanied every bite from an animal believed to be rabid. With no treatment available, people turned to folk medicine to save themselves and their loved ones from rabies.

Song: “White Deer” by Welcome Little Stranger

Researched, written, scored, and produced by Mr. and Mrs. Hall of Welcome Little Stranger.

2 Responses to “White Deer: Madstones and Hydrophobia

  • As someone who was recently bit by a feral cat, rabies Is rare but it’s still a very scary disease. I was advised by health care officials to undergone rabies treatment since we were not able to trap and test the cat. The treatment consists of 10 shots. 7 given at first, 4 in thighs, 2 in hips, one in arm, one at day 3 another in arm, day 7 in the arm and day 14 arm again. Not the most fun times ever but beats dying of rabies.

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