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The Most Wonderful Wonder is a bi-weekly history and music podcast presented by Mr. and Mrs. Hall of Welcome Little Stranger. Each episode features an odd assortment of historical scraps connected in unexpected ways, and interspersed with relevant roots music covers and originals. From flooded mountain hollows and folk magic murder, to patent medicine and Coney Island sideshow babies, the show features true and tragic tales, oddments of the past, and vanishing folkways. Central to each episode is Welcome Little Stranger’s particular brand of dark country music, with the duo covering folk songs and performing their own, historically-inspired original compositions.

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Mr. and Mrs. Hall started making music as Welcome Little Stranger six years ago, using a cobbled together collection of instruments and junk equipment, including a rotary phone, scissors, a mountain dulcimer, and a laptop microphone. They’re obsessed with death, history, and obtaining better equipment.