The Podcast

The Most Wonderful Wonder is a fortnightly audio marvel presented by Mr. and Mrs. Hall of Welcome Little Stranger. It’s a joyride down history’s back roads, past bizarre spectacles of tragedy, folklore, and strange, true tales. Join your tour guides as they unearth weird and wonderful pieces of the past, and dig up the roots of American music.

Your Tour Guides

Mr. and Mrs. Hall’s unfading romance began nearly twenty years ago in the Ozark Mountains. Now they make their home in a Wild West Victorian town in the heart of Oklahoma where there are still shootouts in the streets every Saturday at high noon.

Welcome Little Stranger

Welcome Little Stranger is an ongoing, husband and wife musical project born of a morbid fascination with stringed instruments and death. The duo’s Folk Noir songs feature a variety of grim historical subjects, such as ill-fated outlaws, accused witches, and Masonic funeral rites.